endurily® certified partner

The only accreditation for serious brand developers

Exclusive Accreditation

The only accreditation that acknowledges the best-in-class Australian brand developers.  

Creatives and Strategists who are Endurily Certified Partners offer specialist expertise through exclusive education on trademarks in branding.

The knowledge transforms the branding process to enhance and accelerate brand asset development for clients.


Privileged Community

We are an incredibly passionate community of creatives, strategists and leaders of branding.

Our Certified Partners are acknowledged, promoted and held to the highest regard as to the devotion to creating, managing and leading valuable brands.


Brand development expertise is easily promotable.

Endurily Certified Partners advocate market leading branding services as you have demonstrated your skills and knowledge through certification.

Competitive Advantage

brand Assurance

Potential clients look for reasons to hire you.

When they see an accreditation that can be relevant to their business and their brand, it will assist in assuring them you are the right partner for their growth goals


In a few hours, upskill to learn how to reduce the commercial risk of infringement when creating new brand identities.

Topics in your course

Benefits of Certification

Client Satisfaction

Clients are more lilely to trust and respect the recommendations provided by certified professionals

Industry Leadership

Endurily Certified Partner certification is the  new industry standard and you are first to lead and make your mark

Professional Credibility

Best-in-class recognition of your brand development expertise and commitment to superior client service

Attract new Clients

Brand Owners are more likely to trust and respect the recommendations provided by certified professionals

New Brand Assets

Be exposed to innovative new brand identity elements to apply for trademark registration and drive value for your client

Exclusive Membership

Endurily Certified Partners are an elite group of professionals who take branding development to the next level

Certification study is simple.  Listen to the podcasts and complete the quizzes.

After a lesson, chapter or episode, you will be required to complete a quiz on the information you have upskilled on. You may redo the quiz as many times as you require to achieve a 100% pass.

Listen to the podcasts in entirety. As you listen to the audio, there are breaks to complete a quiz on the information just learned. You must pass the quiz with 100% accuracy. You can redo the quiz as many times as you require.

If you focus, open your mind and take in the incredible information, you can complete the course in a few hours.

Once you commence the course, you have 60 days to complete

The Certified Partner status and accreditation is for you, the individual, and remain with you while you maintain your membership.

While you employ an individual who has gained the Endurily Certified Partner accreditation you are able to promote your Agency as a Partner.

While you employ an individual who has gained the Endurily Certified Partner accreditation you are able to promote your Agency as a Partner.

Fascinating, fun and clever Australian registered Trade Marks Attorney’s.  You will love us.

To complete the Edurily Certified Partner accreditation  is $500.  

You must maintain your certification annually.

This requires that you commission 3 (three) brand clearance reports within your annual registration.  Then pay an annual registration fee.  

Creating brand identity elements needs to include a step which compares your new brand idea to existing registered trademarks to reduce the risk of infringement. 

This step is the Endurily Brand Clearance Report which is executed by a Trade Marks Attorney.  

As an Endurily Certified Partner, you will include this critical process in your brand development for your clients.

fear infringement

brand creators’ greatest nemesis




The Endurily Certified Partner course will deliver you a wealth of trademark law knowledge so you can seek to minimise your risk in new brand development.

It is made for non-legal creatives and strategists like you.

Every new brand or brand refresh has a real risk of infringing, which means being so similar to an existing registered trademark for similar goods or services.  Infringement breaks the law.

Learn insider tips, legal information and ideas of how to better create new brands that can apply for trademark protection for your clients

Get Certified. Present your client a clear brand identity.

Certification gives your client peace of mind.   It demonstrates  that you and/or your agency takes brand development very seriously.

Certification in the brand development service industry is new.  It separates the professionals from the cowboys.

As an Endurily Certified Partner you verify the impact you want to create for a brand owner. It validates your practical skills and knowledge and actively promotes that you have incorporated trade mark laws into your branding services.

Your Risk

endurily® trademark search report

All Endurily™ Certified Partners commit to adding this critical step to new brand identity development.

You will always check if a brand idea is clear for use before you present to a client or launch in-market.

Your clients expect and understand your knowledge and practical experience.

Certified Partners engage their clients to assess the commercial risk of branding ideas.